Sentence Examples with the word Casa

GIOVANNI DELLA CASA (1503-1556), Italian poet, was born at Mugillo, in Tuscany, in 1503.

Among these may be especially noted the small Casa Pigafetta dating from 1481, but still half Gothic, prettily decorated.

Besides the Gothic cathedral (1480-1511), with the tombs of the marquises, the churches of San Giovanni (formerly San Domenico), San Bernardo and the Casa Cavazza, now the municipal museum, are noteworthy.

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About the end of the century the southern Picts of Galloway, and tribes farther north, were partially converted by St Ninian, from the candida casa of Whithern.

Kept a diary during the troubled years 1820-1823, which has been published by the count de Casa Valencia.

On the decease of his parents in 1838 he was received into the Casa Barolo, where he remained till his death, assisting the marchesa in her charities, and writing chiefly upon religious themes.

S now has the voiceless sound even between vowels: casa (pronounced cassa); final s readily falls away, especially before liquids: lodo los for todos los, vamono for ramos has.

The Casa de Contratacion, a committee for the regulation of trade, was established at Seville in 1503.

The resources of Balmaceda were running short on account of the heavy military expenses, and he determined to dispose of the reserve of silver bullion accumulated in the vaults of the Casa de Moneda in accordance with the terms of the law for the conversion of the note issue.

In addition to a large income from rentals, the Santa Casa receives the product of certain port taxes in return for opening its wards to the crews of all vessels in port.