Sentence Examples with the word Carus

Aurelian overthrew the Palmyran rule; but he was assassinated before he could carry out his intended expedition against Persia, Probus was assassinated before he was able to do anything (or much), and although Carus easily overran Mesopotamia, which became Roman again, and even took Ctesiphon, the Romans retreated on his death (283-4).

Lucretius Carus (96-55) were entire seclusion from public life and absorption in the ideal pleasures of contemplation and artistic production.

In the wars between the Roman and Persian empires, Ctesiphon was more than once besieged and plundered, thus by Odaenathus in 261, and by Carus in 283; Julian in 363 advanced to Ctesiphon, but was not able to take it (Ammianus xxiv.

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Of humble origin, he served with high distinction and held important military commands under the emperors Probus and Aurelian, and accompanied Carus to the Persian War.

Having defeated the Quadi and Sarmatians on the Danube, Carus proceeded through Thrace and Asia Minor, conquered Mesopotamia, pressed on to Seleucia and Ctesiphon, and carried his arms beyond the Tigris.

Although Carus severely avenged the death of Probus, he was himself suspected of having been an accessory to the deed.

John's College, Cambridge, where he graduated in theology in 1868, taking the Carus prize for Greek in 1865 and 1869, and the Tyrwhitt Hebrew prize in 1870.

Lucretius Carus de Rerum Natura.

During his reign the emperor Carus attacked the Persians and conquered Ctesiphon (283), but died by the plague.