Sentence Examples with the word Cars

He taught me everything I know about old cars and why they are cool.

The gondola or flat car corresponds to the European open wagons and is used to carry goods not liable to be injured by the weather; but in the United States the practice of covering the load with tarpaulins is unknown, and therefore the proportion of box cars is much greater than in Europe.

The scene was defined by a cluster of police cars and fire engines bathed in rotating lights.

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Several cars were already parked beside the walkway, though the party didn't officially start until seven thirty.

Animal haulage is employed chiefly in collieries and large metal mines; sometimes for main haulage lines, but oftener for distributing empty cars and making up trains for mechanical haulage.

The cars are entered by steps at each end, and are provided with lavatories and a supply of iced water.

They may have one, two or more decks, usually carrying one or two cars on each deck.

This arrangement is only partly automatic, since it often happens that when two cars are brought together to couple the knuckles are closed and must be opened by hand.

The cost of underground haulage is lessened by the use of cars of large capacity.

The long hauls in the United States make it specially important that the cars should carry a load in both directions, and so bcx cars which have carried grain or merchandise one way are filled with wool, coal, coke, ore, timber and other coarse articles for the return journey.