Sentence Examples with the word Carries

Livonia carries on a large export trade, especially through Riga and Pernau, in petroleum, wool, oilcake, flax, linseed, hemp, grain, timber and wooden wares; the Dvina is the chief channel for this trade.

The following are the more important streams of this name: Two rivers in the west of Russia, both falling into the Gulf of Riga, near Riga, which is situated between them; a river in the north of France, falling into the sea below Gravelines, and navigable as far as St Omer; and a river of Switzerland, in the cantons of Lucerne and Aargau, which carries the waters of Lakes Baldegger and Hallwiler into the Aar.

NEVA, a river of Russia, which carries off into the Gulf of Finland the waters of Lakes Ladoga, Onega, Ilmen and many smaller basins.

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Of its course, the river carries considerable navigation.

In the modern residential quarter are the Potsdamer-Viktoria-briicke, which carries the traffic from two converging streets into the outer Potsdamer-strasse, and the Herkules-briicke connecting the Liitzow-platz with the Tiergarten.

Its industries include important hosiery manufactures, and it carries on trade in grain and coal.

Morgain carries him off, mortally wounded, to Avalon, even as the Valkyr bears the Northern hero to Valhal.

Every drop of mercury, as it enters from the funnel, entirely closes the narrow tube like a piston, and in going past the place where the side tube enters entraps a portion of air and carries it down to the trough, where it can be collected.

In both, also, Tychicus carries the letter, and in almost identical language the readers are told that he will by word of mouth give fuller information about the apostle's affairs (Eph.

Tournai carries on a large trade in carpets (called Brussels), bonnet shapes, corsets and fancy goods generally.