Sentence Examples with the word Carried

In the United Kingdom steam ploughing is generally carried on on the double-engine system (introduced by Messrs John Fowler about 1865), in which case two sets of ploughs are arranged on the one-way balance principle, so that while one set is at work the other is carried clear of the ground.

The Opisthobranchia) we find the lobation of the foot still further carried out by the development of lateral lobes, the parapodia, whilst there are many Pectinibranchia, on the other hand, in which the foot has a simple oblong form without any trace of lobes.

They unlocked their shops and locked them up again, and themselves carried goods away with the help of their assistants.

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Jennifer Radisson had changed to jeans and a sweatshirt advertising Ouray, and carried a day pack slung over her shoulder.

An effect similar to drift is observable at tennis, golf, base-ball and cricket; but this effect is explainable by the inequality of pressure due to a vortex of air carried along by the rotating ball, and the deviation is in the opposite direction of the drift observed in artillery practice, so artillerists are still awaiting theory and crucial experiment.

With a grunt, Deidre lifted it and carried it to the table.

The staple industry of the district in ancient times was sheep-rearing, and the villages in nearly all the dales carried on a small manufacture of woollen cloth.

The legs become slender and those of the first or of the second pairs are held up and carried in front of the head to simulate the antennae of the ant.

Such old sea-ice when prevented from escaping forms the palaeocrystic sea of Nares; but, as a rule, it is carried southward in the .East Greenland and Labrador currents, and melted in the warmer seas of lower latitudes.

In 1748 he carried through the General Court a bill providing for the cancellation and redemption of the outstanding paper currency.