Sentence Examples with the word Carr

He was bred by Mr Leonard Childers of Carr House near Doncaster, and was purchased when young by the duke of Devonshire.

Willi m Carr Lane David Merriwether Abraham Rencher Henry Connelly .

See Life by Carr (1895); W.

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In October Sir Robert Carr took possession of the settlements on the Delaware, and terminated the rule of the Dutch.

His father, George Carr Shaw, was a retired civil servant, the younger son of Bernard Shaw, high sheriff of Kilkenny.

Against the Puritan governments of New England, among them Massachusetts' extension of its jurisdiction over the towns of Maine and New Hampshire, the persecution of the Quakers, and the denial of the right of appeal to the crown, and in 1664 a royal commission, consisting of Richard Nicolls, Samuel Maverick, Robert Carr and George Cartwright, was sent over to settle disputes and secure some measure of imperial control, but Massachusetts, the chief offender; successfully baffled all attempts at interference, and the mission was almost a complete failure.

Much progress had been made in the organization and training of the Portuguese levies; Major-General William Carr Beresford, with the rank of marshal, was placed at their head.

In February Major-General William Carr Beresford was given command of the Portuguese army.