Sentence Examples with the word Carpathian

BACAU, the capital of the department of Bacau, Rumania; situated among the foothills of the Carpathian Mountains, and on the river Bistritza, which enters the river Sereth 5 m.

These are known under the general name of Transylvanian Mountains, which are the southeastern continuation of the Carpathian system, and fill the interior of the country with their ramifications.

Pieta, inhabits the Apennines; the Carpathian chamois is very dark-coloured, and the one from the Caucasus is the representative of yet another race.

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Worth mentioning are also the two Carpathian societies: the Hungarian and the Transylvanian.

At Cardona, near Barcelona, Tertiary salt forms hill-masses, while the Carpathian sandstone in Galicia and Transylvania is rich in salt.

CAMPULUNG (also written Campu Lung and Kimpulung), the capital of the department of Muscel, Rumania, and the seat of a suffragan bishop; situated among the outlying hills of the Carpathian Mountains, at the head of a long well-wooded glen traversed by the river Tirgului, a tributary of the Argesh.

NEAMTZU (Neamtu), a town in Rumania, situated among the lower slopes of the Carpathian Mountains, and on the left bank of the river Neamtzu, an affluent of the Moldova.

M., is bounded by the Black Forest, some of the minor Alpine ranges, the Bohemian Forest and the Carpathian Mountains on the north, and by the Alps and the Balkan range on the south.

It consists of a marble statue of Austria erected on a pedestal of green Carpathian sandstone.

Bela did his utmost to place his kingdom in a state of defence, and appealed betimes to the pope, the duke of Austria and the emperor for assistance; but in February and March 1241 the Tatars burst through the Carpathian passes; in April Bela himself, after a gallant stand, was routed on the banks of the Saj6 and fled to the islands of Dalmatia; and for the next twelve months the kingdom of Hungary was merely a geographical expression.