Sentence Examples with the word Caroli

C. 800), archbishop of Reims, was for many years regarded as the author of the legendary Historia de vita Caroli Magni et Rolandi, and appears as one of the twelve peers in a number of the chansons de geste.

Are: - Chronica Caroli VI., written by a monk of Saint Denis, commissioned officially to write the history of his time, edited by C. Bellaguet with a French translation (6 vols., 1839-1852); Jean Juvenal des Ursins, Chronique, printed by D.

Aimoin, who died about ioio, must be distinguished from Aimoin, a monk of St Germain-des-Pres, who wrote De miraculis sancti Germani, and a fragment De Normanorum gestis circa Parisiacam urbem et de divin g in eos ultione tempore Caroli calvi.

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In a synod held at Bern the matter was fully discussed, when a verdict was given in favour of the Geneva divines, and Caroli deposed from his office and banished.

Hardly was the affair of Caroli settled, when new and severer trials came upon the Genevan Reformers.

The work of the monk of St Gall is found in the Monumenta, Band ii.; an edition of the Historia de vita Caroli Magni et Rolandi, edited by F.

The Historia Caroli Magni was declared authentic in 1122 by Pope Calixtus II.

Calvin went to Viret's aid and brought Caroli before the commissioners of Bern on a charge of advocating prayers for the dead as a means of their earlier resurrection.

His last work, De Electione Caroli IV., restates his opinions upon temporal authority and adds little that is new.

In 1749 he published Einleitung in die Harmonie der Walafrid also edited Thetmar's Life of Louis the Pious, prefixing a preface and making a few additions, and divided Einhard's Vita Caroli into chapters, adding an introduction.