Sentence Examples with the word Caro

There is no recent reissue of the whole, and the minor works have not been reprinted, but Corinne, Delphine and De l'Allemagne are easily accessible in cheap and separate forms. Of separate works on Mme de Stael, or rather on Coppet and its society, besides those of MM Caro and Othenin d'Haussonville, may be mentioned the capital work of A.

Of George Sand's style a foreigner can be but an imperfect judge, but French critics, from Sainte-Beuve, Nisard and Caro down to Jules Lemaitre and Faguet, have agreed to praise her spontaneity, her correctness of diction, her easy opulence - the lactea ubertas that Quintilian attributes to Livy.

In this same year Nunez died, and Vice-President Caro became the actual president, an office he had practically filled during the three previous years.

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The larger palace was built by Pedro Caro for Philip V.

The per-acids of sulphur were first obtained in 1898 by Caro (Zeit.

ELME MARIE CARO (1826-1887), French philosopher, was born on the 4th of March 1826 at Poitiers.

Maria Caro in 1688, and was reprinted by Sabatier, side by side with the ante-Hieronymian one, in his Bibliorum Sacrorum Latinae Versiones Antiquae.