Sentence Examples with the word Carmel

The great plain of Esdraelon is of triangular form, bounded by Gilboa on the east and by the ridge which runs to Carmel on the west.

If the scene on Carmel is the grandest, that on Horeb is spiritually the most profound in the story of Elijah (xix.

These limits, however, were exceeded at various times; thus, north of the Eleutherus lay Aradus and Marathus, and south of Carmel the border sometimes included Dor and even Joppa.

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The range of Carmel (highest point 1810 ft.) must also be included in this district; it runs from the central point above mentioned - though interrupted by many passes - to the end of the promontory which makes the harbour of Haifa, at its foot, the best on the Palestine coast.

The view from Hermon is very extensive, embracing all Lebanon and the plains east of Damascus, with Palestine as far as Carmel and Tabor.

He then studied at Carmel Academy for two years, was principal, for a time, of one of the largest schools in Augusta, and in 1798 was admitted to the bar.

Since 1881 colonies of Hebrews have been established in the southern part of the state, among them being Alliance (1881), Rosenhayn (2882), Carmel (1883), and, most noted of all, Woodbine, which owes its origin to the liberality of Baron de Hirsch, and contains the Baron de Hirsch Agricultural and Industrial School.

The whole drainage is collected by the Kishon, which runs through a narrow gorge at the north-west corner of the plain, descending beside the ridge of Carmel to the sea.

The Friars of the Blessed Virgin of Mount Carmel or Carmelites or Whitefriars came to London in 1241, and made their home on land between Fleet Street and the Thames given by Edward I.

South of Haifa the promontory of Carmel once more effaces the plain; here the passage along the coast is barely .200 yds.