Sentence Examples with the word Carlyle

The result was that Carlyle was too often judged by his defects, and regarded as a selfish and eccentric misanthrope with flashes of genius, rather than as a man with many of the highest qualities of mind and character clouded by constitutional infirmities.

In many most important respects no two men could be more unlike; but, for the present, Carlyle seems to have seen in Goethe a proof that it was possible to reject outworn dogmas without sinking into materialism.

Examples of this are men like Novalis, Carlyle and Emerson, in whom philosophy may be said to be impatient of its own task.

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THOMAS CARLYLE (1795-1881), British essayist, historian and philosopher,born on the 4th of December 1795 at Ecclefechan, in Annandale, was the eldest of the nine children of James Carlyle by his second wife, Janet Aitken.

Thomas Carlyle thus describes him as he appeared in London in 1839.

A passing suggestion from Mrs Carlyle that they might live with her mother was judiciously abandoned.

It is interesting to note that this was the only distinction which Thomas Carlyle would accept.

They went to London in the summer of 1834, and took a house at 5 (now 24) Cheyne Row, Chelsea, which Carlyle inhabited till his death; the house has since been bought for the public. Irving, who had welcomed him on former occasions, was just dying, - a victim, as Carlyle thought, to fashionable cajoleries.

It was Irving who in 1821 introduced Carlyle to her.

In spite of support from Jeffrey and other friends, Carlyle failed in a candidature for a professorship at St Andrews.