Sentence Examples with the word Carlist

But there was little scope there for the activities of a young and energetic subaltern, and, leaving the service in 1836, he entered the Carlist army campaigning in Spain.

This, and the resentment felt at the loss of their autonomy when they were incorporated with the rest of Spain in 1833, account for the strong support given by many Navarrese to the Carlist cause.

The Carlist lieutenantcolonel was glad to be re-admitted into the Prussian service as a second lieutenant, but he was still young, and few subalterns could at the age of twenty-four claim five years' meritorious war service.

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At that juncture the first Carlist war broke out, and Lambermont hastened to the scene of action.

C.) Zumalac9rregui, Thomas (1788-1835), Spanish Carlist general, was born at Ormaiztegui in Navarre on the 29th of December 1788.

The government sent him to the front, directly the Carlist War broke out, as commandant of the province of Biscay, where he severely defeated the Carlists in many encounters.

In consequence, however, of the Carlist rising of 1873-1876, the Basque fueros were finally extinguished in 1876.

These ended in their accepting his terms under the famous convention of Vergara, which secured the recognition of their ranks and titles for nearly loon Carlist officers.

He did not take the field till the Carlist cause appeared to be at a very low ebb, and until he had received a commission from Don Carlos as commander-in-chief in Navarre.

The Alphonsist armies, led by Marshals Campos and Jovellar, swept the Carlist bands from the right hank of the Ebro to the Pyrenees, and took their last strongholds in the eastern provinces, Cantavieja and Seo de Urgel.