Sentence Examples with the word Carl

See Cecilia Math-Holmberg, Carl XV., som enskild man, konung och konstncir (Stockholm, 1891); Yngvar Nielsen, Det norske og svenske Kongehus fra 1818 (Christiania, 1883).

The first of these methods yields a hypsographical, or - if the sea-bottom be included, in which case all contours are referred to a common datum line - a bathy hypsographical map. Carl Ritter, in 1806, employed graduated tints, increasing in lightness on proceeding from the lowlands to the highlands; while General F.

Claudette and Carl were waiting patiently in the dining room when Cynthia and Cade entered.

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Ling Roth, Queensland Aborigines (Brisbane, 1897); Carl Lumholtz, Among Cannibals (1889); Walter E.

Sars, Norges politiske historia (Christiania, 1899) Yngvar Nielsen, Carl Johan som han virkelig var (Christiania, 1897); Johan Almen, Atten Bernadotte (Stockholm, 1893); C. Schefer, Bernadotte roi (Paris, 1899); G.

Ashley, The Tariff Problem (London, 1904); Carl Ballod, Die deutsch-amerikanischen Handelsbeziehungen (Leipzig, 1901); C. F.

Kessler, Notizen ilber Mexico (Berlin, 1898); Carl Lumholtz, Unknown Mexico (New York, 1902); C. F.

Struve in 1848, and those relating to occultations of the Pleiades were discussed by Carl Linsser in 1864.

From Casa Grande, in Chihuahua, to Quemada, in Zacatecas, Carl S.

Den Kurfiirsten Carl Ludwig von der Pfalz, by A.