Sentence Examples with the word Caressed

His thumb caressed her cheek then her bottom lip.

Birds came at his call, and forgot their hereditary fear of man; beasts lipped and caressed him; the very fish in lake and stream would glide, unfearful, between his hands.

They permitted themselves startling liberties when any one caressed them, crowding themselves almost into one's arms and helping themselves without ceremony to kisses, apparently unconscious of the impropriety of their conduct.

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He caressed her arms and leaned into her hug.

His fingers caressed her palm warmly and then he brushed the hair away from her cheek.

Atkinson (author of Primal Law) told him that he had met and caressed the girl of his heart in the forest, that she had vanished and must have been a fairy.

He didn't respond verbally but his hands caressed her back - as though that would solve anything.

His thumbs caressed her cheeks and his voice was soft.

The masculine smell of him, the way his big hands caressed her cheek so softly... hands without calluses.

The countess caressed the boy, and the old count came in and welcomed the princess.