Sentence Examples with the word Car

She pulled the car back on the road and continued toward the Giddon place.

The principal sulphur springs are the old sulphur well in the centre of Low Harrogate, discovered about the year 1656; the Montpellier springs, the principal well of which was discovered in 1822, situated in the grounds of the Crown Hotel and surmounted by a handsome building in the Chinese style, containing pump-room, baths and reading-room; and the Harlow Car springs, situated in a wooded glen about a mile west from Low Harrogate.

Then he added, Maybe I'll look up this Ridner kid and ask him if the car was still there when he finished, but I'm just checking it out because I promised Randy Byrne I would.

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I had to take the car back to the rental company because it had hail damage.

The Florentine carroccio was usually followed by a smaller car bearing the martinella, a bell to ring out military signals.

Perhaps I'll steal a car for interim transportation while I cruise about, searching for a playmate.

Once the car was stopped, he turned to her, his voice suddenly gentle.

All four would ride in the same car for the fifty-mile trip to Telluride.

Headlights flashed on the curtains briefly and a car door slammed.

Her heart pounding, she turned the car around and drove back towards the dueling men.