Sentence Examples with the word Capitation

He even threatened Rome itself, and claimed a capitation tax.

The personal and habitation tax consists in fact of two different taxes, one imposing a fixed capitation charge on all citizens alike of every department, the charge, however, varying according to the department from I fc. 50 c. (Is.

There are numerous volunteer corps, which receive a capitation grant from the government.

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Revenue is derived from land, house and capitation taxes, from customs, posts and telegraphs, ferries, licences and other indirect imposts.

Of the other measures of reform promoted by Abd-ul-Mejid the more important were - the reorganization of the army (1843-1844), the institution of a council of public instruction (1846), the abolition of an odious and unfairly imposed capitation tax, the repression of slave trading, and various provisions for the better administration of the public service and for the advancement of commerce.

But his proposal to substitute for all aides and customs duties a single capitation tax of a tenth of the revenue of all property was naturally opposed by the farmers of taxes and found little support.

He also abolished all taxes upon pilgrims as an interference with the liberty of worship, and the capitation tax upon Hindus, probably upon similar grounds.

To the latter were adjoined capitation and trade taxes (the tributum capitis).

Revenue is raised principally from customs and a capitation tax, which has replaced a hut tax.

Revenue is derived chiefly from customs receipts and a capitation tax of frs.