Sentence Examples with the word Canoes

They are hunters both on land and on the water, using the bow and arrow like the Onas, and building canoes often of large size.

Draft up to the mouth of the Huasaga (about 124 m.) in times of high water, and for canoes nearly 200 m.

The natives were decoyed into the labour ships under false pretences, and then detained by force; or they were seized on shore or in their canoes and carried on board.

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The largest timber tree is the mvule, which attains vast dimensions, its trunk supplying the natives with the dug-out canoes with which they navigate the lake.

The following details will suffice for the history of a struggle in which no great political object was attained, and which left the Assamese still the same wild and piratical people as when their fleets of canoes first sallied forth against the Bengal delta.

The distance from Rarotonga to New Zealand is about 2000 m., and, with the aid of the trade wind, large canoes could traverse the distance within a month.

The natives are clever boat-builders, and find a market for their canoes on neighbouring islands.

Their, canoes carry sails and are made of the trunk of the bread-fruit tree.

Occasionally a bridge of logs, or a causeway of stones, formed a communication with the shore, but often the only means of getting to and from the island was by canoes hollowed out of a single tree.

The Napo is navigable for steamboats for some distance above the mouth of the Coca, and thence for canoes as far as the Cando cataract, 3332 ft.