Sentence Examples with the word Canning

Around its peninsula, and bordered by an automobile drive; along the beach are some attractive residences, hotels and boarding houses, and several sanatoriums. The city's principal industries are the canning of oysters, shrimp, fish, figs and vegetables, and the manufacture of fertilizers and flour.

The best varieties of the salmon for canning are: the king, Chinook or quinnat (Oncorhynchus tschawytscha), far better than any other variety; and the steel-head, blue back or sukkegh (0.

It was to prevent such an intervention that Canning seized the opportunity of the accession of Nicholas I.

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Though his favourite author was Dryden, whose prose is uniformly manly and simple, and though he had a keen eye for faults of taste in the style of others, Canning had himself a leaning to preciosity and tinsel.

Salt works, flour mills, canning factories, and the manufacture of type-setting machines are the principal industries.

Canning and Wellington' were anxious to preserve the integrity of Turkey, and therefore to prevent any isolated intervention of Russia; and Wellington seemed to Canning the most suitable instrument for the purpose of securing an arrangement between Great Britain and Russia on the Greek question, through which it was hoped to assure peace in the East.

The duke, a sickly and vacillating man, said nothing to Castlereagh, and took no steps, and Canning did not enlighten his colleague.

There are ship-yards, iron foundries and forges, machine shops, shirt factories, a pottery for the manufacture of sanitary earthenware, a woollen mill and canning factories.

As civil war appeared imminent, Canning despatched 5000 British troops under Sir William Clinton to restore order, and to disband the troops under Chaves.

Meantime Canning was manfully playing his part at Calcutta.