Sentence Examples with the word Candy

I will write you a letter I thank you for pretty desk I did write to mother in memphis on it mother and mildred came home wednesday mother brought me a pretty new dress and hat papa did go to huntsville he brought me apples and candy I and teacher will come to boston and see you nancy is my doll she does cry I do rock nancy to sleep mildred is sick doctor will give her medicine to make her well.

I was very happy to receive pretty book and nice candy and two letters from you.

Friends had probably brought her candy in their bags, and she expected to find some in mine.

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I sat quietly beside Miss Sullivan, taking in with eager interest all that she told me about what she saw out of the car window: the beautiful Tennessee River, the great cotton-fields, the hills and woods, and the crowds of laughing negroes at the stations, who waved to the people on the train and brought delicious candy and popcorn balls through the car.

She understood in a flash and ran downstairs to tell her mother, by means of emphatic signs, that there was some candy in a trunk for her.

Dusty gritted his teeth, feeling much like he was setting a child with a credit card free in a candy store.

Blindfolded, they knocked it around for a while until it broke, spilling candy all over the floor.

Jake Weller presented it to Dean one sunny afternoon while the two were sharing a diet-breaking ice cream on the stoop of a Seventh Avenue candy store.

He stood, in full uniform, waving and tossing candy with abandon.

Looking into that stern face, she felt like a child caught with her hand in the candy jar.