Sentence Examples with the word Candle

She was sitting in an armchair placed sideways, screening the light of the candle from him, and was knitting a stocking.

At Lincoln, c. 1300, the candle was to weigh three stones of wax; at Salisbury in 1517 it was to be 36 ft.

Thus one of the most common spectra is that seen at the base of every candle and in every Bunsen burner.

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The climate in the south at this time of the year was probably hot, but surely it couldn't hold a candle to the week she had spent in the desert.

Cheese; breweries; printing houses; foundries; agricultural implement and machine shops; soap and candle works; coach-building and furniture; gas-works.

In the Roman Catholic Church the most characteristic ritual feature of the festival is now the solemn extinction of the paschal candle after the Gospel at high mass.

A half-burned candle sat in a dish on the bureau, perhaps signs of Edith's fascination with the last century.

Important distinction, Rhyn replied and pulled out a chair from the table on which the candle was placed.

She didn't hold a candle to Suzie Clements.

The power to bless in this ecclesiastical sense is reserved to priests alone; the blessing of the paschal candle on Holy Saturday by the deacon being the one exception that proves the rule, for he uses for the purpose grains of incense previously blessed by the priest at the altar.