Sentence Examples with the word Canaan

Another special characteristic of Israel's religion in Canaan was the considerable increase of sacrificial offerings.

An important element in this culture would be mythic representations of the origin of things, such as the Babylonian Creation and Deluge-stories in various forms. Indeed, not only Canaan but all the neighbouring regions must have been pervaded by Babylonian views of the universe and its origin.

A curious account of war between Egypt and Canaan after Joseph's death recurs in Jub.

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Vincent, Canaan d'apres l'exploration recente, pp. 50, 116, 189 sqq.

Ball (Norfolk) and Lion's Head (Salisbury), each 1760 ft.; Canaan Mountain (North Canaan), 1680 ft.; and Ivy Mountain (Goshen), 1640 ft.

Vincent, Canaan d'apres l'exploration recente, p. 235 seq.).

So to the Jews old Canaan stood, While Jordan rolled between.

The older story, however, continues with another step in the history of civilization, and to Noah is ascribed the cult of the vine, the abuse of which leads to the utterance of a curse upon Canaan and a blessing upon Shem and Japheth (ix.

The Jews were mainly country-folk from the time of their settlement in Canaan to their final expulsion from the land by Titus and Hadrian, and the soil of Israelitish Palestine was better adapted to the raising of sheep and oxen than to the production of grain.

The true sequence of the narrative appears to be as follows: Moses is commanded to lead the people to Canaan (xxxiii.