Sentence Examples with the word Cana

The materials on the coast were clay and gravel wrought into concrete, sun-dried bricks and pise, or rammed work, cut stalks of plants formed with clay a kind of staff, and lintels were made by burying stems of cana brava (Gynerium saccharoides) in blocks of pise.

Pop. (1890), 11,983; (1900), 31,091, of whom 11,419 were foreign-born (2854 Swedish, 2404 English Cana dians, 2026 Norwegian, and 801 German), and 186 were negroes; (1910, U.S. census), 40,384.

We cannot well claim more than these three kinds of reality for the first and the last signs, the miracle at Cana and the resurrection of Lazarus.

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Kefr Kenna, now a flourishing Christian village at the foot of the Nazareth hills, south of the Buttauf, is one of the sites identified with Cana of Galilee, and the ruin Kana, on the north side of the same plain, represents the site pointed out to the pilgrims of the 12th and 13th centuries.