Sentence Examples with the word Campbell

In the park is the fine Colombo Museum, founded by Sir William Gregory l; and near the neighbouring Campbell Park are the handsome buildings of a number of institutions, such as Wesley College, and the General, Victoria Memorial Eye and other hospitals.

Of Waukesha, near Mukwonago (pop. in 1905, 483), in 1844-1845, there was an unsuccessful communistic agricultural settle - ment, the Utilitarian Association, composed largely of London mechanics led by Campbell Smith, a London bookbinder.

Sir Colin Campbell now decided to withdraw the garrison and women and children from the residency, and to hold Lucknow by a strong division operating outside the city.

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The 6th earl, George (1841-1870), son of the 5th earl, was drowned at sea, and was succeeded by his brother John Campbell Gordon, 7th earl of Aberdeen (b.

See John Campbell Oman, The Mystics, Ascetics and Saints of India (1903), and Indian Census Reports.

Cyclop. (London, 1831, 1844) and in More's Works (London, 1845); by Lord Campbell in Lives of the Chancellors (vol.

JOHN CAMPBELL CAMPBELL, Baron (1779-1861), lord chancellor of England, the second son of the Rev. George Campbell, D.D., was born on the 17th of September 1779 at Cupar, Fife, where his father was for fifty years parish minister.

Writers the most unlike each other - Swift and Hugh Boulter, George Berkeley and George Stone, Arthur Young and Dr Thomas Campbell - all tell the same tale.

In 1818 he joined the Rev. John Campbell in his second journey to South Africa to inspect the stations of the London Missionary Society, and reported that the conduct of the Cape Colonists towards the natives was deserving of strong reprobation.

Thus McLeod Campbell (q.v.) held that Christ atoned by offering up to God a perfect confession of the sins of mankind and an adequate repentance for them, with which divine justice is satisfied, and a full expiation is made for human guilt.