Sentence Examples with the word Camera

His experiments with Sir Humphrey Davy in endeavouring to fix the images of natural objects as seen in the camera were published in 1802 (Journ.

This is probably the first notice of the application of the camera to cartography and the reproduction of drawings, which is one of its principal uses at the present time.

He dropped the camera and peered over the edge of the cliff but the outcropping blocked his view of anything below.

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He lowered his head to the side of her neck away from the camera and nuzzled her neck in a way that made her heart race faster.

She shoved a camera at Dean, an expensive looking Nikon, freeing her other hand to more securely grasp the rail.

Libri-Carucci dalla Sommaja (1803-1869), in his account of the invention of the camera obscura in Italy (Histoire des sciences mathematives en Italie, iv.

In the Diversarum Speculationum Mathematicarum et Physicarum (1585), by the Venetian Giovanni Battista Benedetti, there is a letter in which he discusses the simple camera obscura and mentions the improvement some one had made in it by the use of a double convex lens in the aperture; he also says that the images could be made erect by reflection from any plane mirror.

The first published account of the simple camera obscura was discovered by Libri in a translation of the Architecture of v.

Sir Isaac Newton, in his Opticks (1704), explains the principle of the camera obscura with single convex lens and its analogy with vision in illustration of his seventh axiom, which aptly embodies the correct solution of Aristotle's old problem.

The first practical step towards the development of the camera obscura seems to have been made by the famous painter and architect, Leon Battista Alberti, in 1437, contemporaneously with the invention of printing.