Sentence Examples with the word Came

From there the horse dashed in and out of the poles and came to a stop on his haunches.

Yes, and we flipped it at the rate of ten gallons the hour; and when the squall came (for it's squally off there by Patagonia), and all hands--visitors and all--were called to reef topsails, we were so top-heavy that we had to swing each other aloft in bowlines; and we ignorantly furled the skirts of our jackets into the sails, so that we hung there, reefed fast in the howling gale, a warning example to all drunken tars.

As the whip came across the grass, it lay over neatly, cut sharply by the whip.

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The science of geology came into existence, and the whole panorama of successive stages of the earth's history, each with its distinct population of strange animals and plants, unlike those of the present day and simpler in proportion as they recede into the past, was revealed by Cuvier, Agassiz and others.

Whisky, groceries, prints and notions were staples sent to Santa Fe; wool, buffalo robes and dried buffalo meat, Mexican silver coin, gold and silver dust and ore came in return.

In 1524 Vasco da Gama came out to the East for the third time, and he too died at Cochin.

He suspected Bismarck of harbouring hostile designs against Russia, and he came to recognize that the permanent weakening of France was not in accordance with Russian political interests.

They came to Zeebrugge r Ostend kc a lookout station which they captured.

A bout a week later she came home to find Rachel holding an envelope.

When she came through the living room the fire was roaring, but Cade was nowhere in sight.