Sentence Examples with the word Cambodia

With the exception of the highway from Pnom-Penh (q.v.) the capital, to Kampot, the roads of Cambodia are not suited for vehicles.

The whole of Cambodia lies in the basin of the lower Mekong, which, entering this territory on the north, flows south for some distance, then inclines south-west as far as Pnom-penh, where it spreads into a delta and resumes a southerly course.

By Cambodia and Laos.

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Mouhot, Travels in Indo-China, Cambodia and Laos (2 vols., 1864); Fournereau and Porcher, Les Ruines d'Angkor (1890); L.

And E., the Pnom Dang Rek hill range from Cambodia on the S.

But it is common among the American Indians, as well as in China, Cambodia and India, although throughout Asia it is generally contrary both to law and religion.

This, however, latterly became displeasing to the French, now in Cochin China, and Siam was ultimately obliged to recognize the protectorate forced on Cambodia by that power.

Calling (apparently) at Cambodia on his way, Ibn Batuta reached China at Zayton (Amoy harbour), famous from Marco Polo; he also visited Sin Kalan or Canton, and professes to have been in Khansa (Kinsay of Marco Polo, i.e.

From Cape Ca-Mau to Rach-Gia it runs north for a distance of m., then north-west as far as Ha-Tien, where the boundary line between it and Cambodia meets the sea.

Through the French territories of Cambodia and Cochin China, and to its annual overflow these countries owe their extraordinary fertility.