Sentence Examples with the word Calorie

The method requires very delicate weighing, as one calorie corresponds to less than two milligrammes of steam condensed; but the successful application of the method to the very difficult problem of measuring the specific heat of a gas at constant volume, shows that these and other difficulties have been very skilfully overcome.

The Mean Calorie Cannot Be Accurately Realized In Practice In Any Simple Manner, And Is Therefore Unsuitable As A Standard Of Comparison.

Griffiths' Final Result For The Average Value Of The Calorie Over This Range Was 4.192 Joules, Taking The E.M.F.

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The following are those which have been in most general use: Small calorie or gramme calorie.

The dynamical equivalent of the calorie is 4.18 X Io 7 ergs or C.G.S.

The centuple calorie is the amount of heat required to raise 1 g.

The large calorie is equal to 1000 cal.