Sentence Examples with the word Calmer

Far calmer than she'd ever been, she crept down the hallway.

And I have become calmer since I began to live only for myself.

He was calmer than she'd seen him in a while.

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Laurentius Petri, who was a man of calmer temperament, was archbishop of all Sweden, and edited or superintended the translation of the ' Skanska folkvisor, edited by E.

The hue and cry of the critics largely died away, and was replaced by a calmer and juster appreciation.

He is closely akin to Glaucus Pontius, the frantic horses of the one probably representing the stormy waves, the other the sea in its calmer mood.

However,the suras of this period are not all so wild as these; and those which are conceived in a calmer mood appear to be the oldest.

It shows how flexible an instrument Latin prose had become in his hand, when it could do justice at once to the ample and vehement volume of his oratory, to the calmer and more rhythmical movement of his philosophical meditation, and to the natural interchange of thought and feeling in the everyday intercourse of life.

With the aid of the vast body of Faust literature which has sprung up in recent years, and the many new documents bearing on its history above all, the so-called Urfaust, to which reference has already been made - we are able now to ascribe to their various periods the component parts of the work; it is possible to discriminate between the Sturm and Drang hero of the opening scenes and of the Gretchen tragedy - the contemporary of Gotz and Clavigo and the superimposed Faust of calmer moral and intellectual ideals - a Faust who corresponds to Hermann and Wilhelm Meister.

But Lamartine could hardly have guided the ship of state safely even in much calmer weather.