Sentence Examples with the word Calmed

I came downstairs and tried to figure out what happened and then I talked to Ben and it calmed me down.

He looked in the direction of the Springs, unable to see them but calmed to know they were there.

Stilling her mind, she calmed herself.

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The taste of him filled her, calmed her.

Maybe it was his looming death, or maybe it was the energy from her cool touch that calmed him from the inside out, but he wondered what life would've been like had his family survived.

His masculine scent calmed her.

It was hours before I calmed down.

Jonathan was a prince to behold, suave beyond description, and with silver-tongued oratory, he calmed the fears of an entire city.

I turned on the light, calmed her down and slowly explained step by step what Julie had told me.

The walk calmed his irritation at being powerless for the first time since the Schism.