Sentence Examples with the word California

In August 1889, as a result of a ruling in the course of the Sharon-Hill litigation, a notorious conspiracy case, he was assaulted in a California railway station by Judge David S.

He graduated from the university of California in 1875 and the following year went to the newly established Johns Hopkins University, being one of the extraordinary first group of fellows elected there.

The remains of what was now universally presumed to be Josh Mulligan rested in an unnamed southern California landfill.

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The Pacific Coast Transition life-zone comprises the region between the Cascade and Coast ranges in Washington and Oregon, parts of northern California, and most of the California coast region from Cape Mendocino to Santa Barbara.

The Pescadero formation) it is highly metamorphic. The Eocene of southern California carries gypsum enough to be of commercial value.

The idea of any of us going out to California is another matter.

Like that California guy.

Of the California boundary lies a third important range, the Humboldt Mountains, whose highest point (Star Peak) is 9925 ft.

There was one bed --a California king --in what she now realized was a plain hotel room.

Raising two teenagers in a place as expensive as southern California was not easy.