Sentence Examples with the word Calendared

The most important series of official correspondence is the Papal Letters, calendared from 1198 to 1404 in 4 vols.

His correspondence with Erasmus is partly included in the editions of the Letters of Erasmus, and much of his correspondence is calendared in Gairdner's Letters and Papers of Henry VIII., the letters written to his family in his last days being found in vol.

Lists of the state papers and other documents printed and calendared under the direction of the master of the Rolls and deputy keeper of the Records are supplied at the end of many of their volumes.

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The Scottish and Irish state papers are calendared in separate series and without much system.

Numerous other classes of legal and administrative records gradually develop, the Patent and Close Rolls (first calendared by the Record Commission, and subsequently treated more adequately under the direction of the deputy keeper of the Records), Charters (which were first grants to individuals, then to collective groups, monasteries or boroughs, then to classes, add finally expanded as in Magna Cartainto grants to the whole nation), Escheats, Feet of Fines, Inquisitiones post mortem, Inquisitiones ad quod damnum, Placita de Quo Warranto, and others for which the reader is referred to S.

In the British Museum; the Stuart papers at Windsor, Mr Fortescues at Dropmore, Lord Charlemonts (Irish affairs), Lord Dartmouths (American affairs) and Lord Carlisles, all calendared by the Historical MSS.

He was revered by the people cleaving to their altars and their fires, and his birthdays were calendared as festivals, on which greetings were sent to him by young and old.

Death; these have been calendared in 8 volumes by the Hist.