Sentence Examples with the word Calais

Charles's generals avoided pitched battles, and contented themselves with defensive and guerrilla tactics, with the result that in 1380 only Bayonne, Bordeaux, Brest and Calais were still in English hands.

In 1469 Anthony was promoted to be lieutenant of Calais and captain of the king's armada, while holding other honorary posts.

The main industry of Calais is the manufacture of tulle and lace, for which it is the chief centre in France.

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Having been recently defeated in Lincoln, they were hard pressed, and reinforcements were sent to them from Calais in a fleet commanded by a pirate and mercenary soldier called Eustace the Monk.

But, although a gorgeous show of friendship with France was kept up at the Field of Cloth of Gold in 1520, it had been determined before the conference of Calais in 1521, at which Wolsey pretended to adjudicate on the merits of the dispute, to side actively with Charles V.

The demolition of the ramparts of Old Calais was followed by the construction of a new circle of defences, embracing both the old and new quarters, and strengthened by a deep moat.

Journeying from Calais Henry reached his headquarters at Guines on the 4th of June 1520, and Francis took up his residence at Ardres.

From this time the Calaisis or territory of Calais was known as the Pays Reconquis.

And George Wrottesleys Crecy and Calais from the Public Records.

Eustace is said to have been under the impression that they meant to attack Calais in his absence, and to have derided them because he had left the town well guarded.