Sentence Examples with the word Cain

Fall of Dan and Shiloh), and if their eponym is Cain, the story of Cain and Abel serves, amid a variety of purposes, to condemn the murder of the settled agriculturist by the nomad, but curiously allows that any retaliation upon Cain shall be avenged (see below, note 5).

While an undergraduate he published two dissertations, On the Tree of Life in Paradise, with some Observations on the Fall of Man, and On the Oblations of Cain and Abel (2nd ed., 1747), which procured him the honour of a bachelor's degree before the statutory time.

Domenech, L'Empire cain (Mexico, 1866), and Le Mexique tel qu'il est (Paris, 1867); Daran, El General Miguel Miramon (in French) (Rome, 1886); Schmidt von Tavera, Gesch.

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The story of Cain and Abel in the earlier source).

Although some connexion with the name of Cain is probable, it is difficult, however, to explain the curse (for one view, see Levites).

Laws of universal application which could be administered only by duly qualified judges were called Cain law, while minor laws administered by nobles and magistrates were called Urradhus law..

But when it is granted that the ancient Hebrews, like other primitive peoples, had their own mythical and traditional figures, the story of Cain becomes less obscure.

T seq.), and the present story of Cain and his murder of Abel really places the former in an unfavourable light.

The primitive record is continued in the story of Cain and Abel (iv.), where the old-time problem of Cain's wife and the reference to other human beings (iv.

It may have been a piece of folk-song celebrating the prowess of the tribe of Lamech; or it may have had some relation to a story of Cain and Abel in which Cain was a hero and not a villain.