Sentence Examples with the word Caecal

Such renal caecal tubes seem to be readily evolved from either metenteron or proctodaeum when the conditions of the out-wash of nitrogenous waste-products are changed by the transference from aquatic to terrestrial life.

Coe, Caecal tubes (below them the stomach).

Usually each tube is provided with caecal appendages on its proximal portion, and these serve as vesiculae seminales, while the distal portion is enlarged and glandular and secretes the egg-shell.

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That portion of the gut which is formed by the hypoblast, whereas in Hexapod insects the similar caecal tubes are developed from the proctodaeum or in -pushed portion of the gut which is formed from epiblast.

M, The Malpighian or renal caecal diverticula of Scorpio.

Renal caecal tubes (Malpighian tubes) open into the proctodaeum.

It is certain that the absorbed juices do not occupy the alimentary canal alone, but pass also into its caecal off-sets which are the ducts of the gastric glands (see fig.

The stomach is beset throughout its length with numerous small, finger-like caecal tubes.

This name is applied to the numerous fine caecal tubes of noticeable length developed from the proctodaeal invert of ectodermal origin in Hexapods.