Sentence Examples with the word Cab

The cab dropped her off, and she went to the side entrance to buzz in as Wynn directed in his text.

Betsy's red-eye flight for Chicago left at seven and I kissed her as she stepped into her cab at the curb.

When I want to see one of those big people I write a note: 'Princess So-and-So desires an interview with So and-So,' and then I take a cab and go myself two, three, or four times-- till I get what I want.

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I didn't know if I'd catch a cab or a bus would hit me.

The Chartists were induced to abandon the procession which had caused so much alarm, and the monster petition was carried in a cab to the House of Commons.

He was climbing out of the cab as she came around the front of the truck.

She caught a cab across town and arrived at the swanky suburbs on the south side of the city.

She had taken a cab and driven home by a side street and the cabman had told her that the people were breaking open the barrels at the drink store, having received orders to do so.

It was dark by the time the cab dropped her off in front of the high rise where she shared an apartment with Logan.

Having mastered the knowledge to become a London black cab driver, Serek is now becoming knowledgeable about the overseas property market.