Sentence Examples with the word CUSTOS

The dean, senior, provost, custos and scholasticus.

Thus we hear of a custos palatinae capellae who was in charge of the palace chapel relics, and guarded them in the field; the chief of these custodes was sometimes called the archicapellanus.

Cecil, meanwhile, had obtained the reversion to the office of custos rotulorum brevium, and, according to his autobiographical notes, sat in.

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Ioo), historian of the first crusade, was born during the later part of the 11th century, and afterwards became canon and custos of the church of Aix-laChapelle.

About 1285 he was placed in charge of the abbey library as custos cartarum, and he died in June or July 1300.

To remedy this defect, a statute (called the Statute of Enrolments) was passed in the same year, which provided that every conveyance by bargain and sale of freehold lands should be enrolled in a court of record or with the custos rotulorum of the county within six months of its date.

There were really constant disagreements, and sometimes the king degraded the mayor and appointed a custos or warden in his place.

Was appointed in a county by the custos rotulorum.