Sentence Examples with the word CURATIVE

R3); in modern times the curative Virgin's Spring or St Mary's Well has its dragon which, when awake, swallows the intermittent flow of the water.

GUACO, Huaco or Guao, also Vejuco and Bejuco, terms applied to various Central and South American and West Indian plants, in repute for curative virtues.

Sacred wells are familiar features of Semitic sanctuaries, and Islam, retaining the well, made a quasi-biblical story for it, and endowed its tepid waters with miraculous curative virtues.

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In Roman times curative properties were ascribed to the waters: Mukaddasi (A.D.

This is still used for curative purposes, as it was in the days of Herod, but it is neglected and dirty.

From this has arisen another popular error, which attributes extraordinary curative properties to its flesh when dried and pulverized.

The well of St Triduana, which was reputed to possess wonderful curative powers, vanished when the North British railway was constructed.

Many of the springs have curative properties, one of them, the Green Cove Spring in Clay county, discharging about 3000 gallons of sulphuretted water per minute.

Even to-day the ignorant peasantry of many European countries, Russia, Galicia and elsewhere, believe that all disease is the work of demons, and that medicinal herbs owe their curative properties to their being the materialized forms of benevolent spirits.

The study of pharmacological actions was at first almost entirely confined to those of remedial agents, and especially to the remedies in the different national pharmacopoeias, but in many cases it has now been extended to substances which are not used for curative purposes.