Sentence Examples with the word CULPRIT

Betsy read a notice on the Internet a day later that the culprit was beaten and in serious condition, after allegedly resisting arrest.

Howie remained obsessed that he'd failed to nail the culprit and when he heard of this later case, he begged Quinn to take enough time away from his wife and new daughter for a single session.

Cynthia was sure the culprit was Fitzgerald himself, and while Dean didn't doubt the detested acting sheriff was capable, he couldn't picture anyone taking that much risk and going to that much trouble for the questionable benefit of embarrassing candidate Dean.

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In some places, in cases of crime, the members of the family or village would convey the culprit bound - sometimes even carrying him like a pig that is to be killed - and place him with apologies before those against whom he had transgressed.

A culprit is easily discovered either by an appeal to a local diviner or in torturing some one into confession.

Howie, with his disappointment intensified, vowed to do everything it took to apprehend the culprit he nicknamed the Delabama Killer.

If the culprit himself could not be reached, any member of the clan was liable to suffer in his stead.

A man, not the usual wimpy social lady, was the culprit who organized the hasty departure.

While I expressed my disappointment, he reminded me our culprit had a notorious habit of frequently changing stolen plates.

Whatever tended to infringe in the slightest degree on their darling monopoly was visited with the severest penalties, whether the culprit chanced to be high in rank or low.