Sentence Examples with the word CT

In the 1970s, we got MRIs, laser eye surgery, CT scans, and antiviral drugs.

The continuous spectrum leads to no inference, except that of the temperature of the central globe; but the multitude of dark lines by which it is crossed reveal the elements composing pe ct rum o the truly gaseous cloaks which enclose it.

This is the first case in which the pollen-bearing organs of a Ptoridosperm have been identified with certainty It will be seen that, while the seeds of Lyginodendron were of an advanced Cycadean type, the microsporangiate organs were more like those of a Fern, the reproductive organs thus showing the same combination of characters which appears in the vegetative ct pc. A, Micropylar region.

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The group ct is.reduced to it: trite (lee tu m), peito (pee t u s), noite (no ct e m); sometimes to ut: douto (d 0 C t u s).

Then assuming that the acceleration of one point of a particuar link of the mechanism is known together with the corresponding configuration of the mechanism, the two Vectors Ac and ct can be drawn.

When X-rays and CT scans and MRIs are publicly shared, anonymously, they will become a huge resource for scientists to study.

In later times the moral ct of his tale was doubtless the main cause of its continued alarity; Osiris was named Onnophris, the good Being excellence, and Seth was contrasted with him as the author the root of all evil.