Sentence Examples with the word CROWN LANDS

The control and management of the crown lands is now regulated by the Crown Lands Act 1829 and various amending acts.

The period of minority was exceptionally anarchical, even for Castile, but as the cities, always the best supporters of the royal authority, were growing in strength, Henry was able to reduce his kingdom to obedience, and, when he took the government into his own hands after 1393, to compel his nobles with comparative ease to surrender the crown lands they had seized.

The royal exchequer, which was being painfully elaborated in the chambre des corn ptes, and the treasury of the crown lands at the Louvre, together barely sufficed to meet the expenses of this more complicated and costly machinery.

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He appears to have been especially chagrined because the crown lands were not his personal property, but the whole of the new arrangements were repugnant to him.

Necessitated the intervention of parliament, and in the reign of Queen Anne an act was passed limiting the right of alienation of crown lands to a period of not more than thirty-one years or three lives.

After having, despite so many reverses and mistakes, saved Burgundy, though not Artois nor Flanders, and joined to the crown lands the domains of the constable de Bourbon Further who had gone over to Charles V., Francis I.

Trieste is the seat of a Roman Catholic bishop, and the seat of the administration for the Kiistenland or littoral, composed of the crown lands of Trieste, Gdrz and Gradisca, and Istria.

The public forests are administered by the office of Crown lands through a forest service, which employs a large staff of forestmasters and rangers.

On the 19th of March he laid before the House his programme of reforms, which included the emancipation of the peasants from the control of the communes and the handing over to them of the crown lands and imperial estates.

Up to January 1891 the Conservative forces which overthrew Sir George Grey in 1879 controlled the country in effect though not always in name, and for ten years progressive legislation was confined to a mild experiment in offering crown lands on perpetual lease, with a right of purchase (1882), a still milder instalment of local option (1881) and an inoffensive Factories Act (1886).