Sentence Examples with the word CRIPPLING

All she had to do was find a way to prevent them from crippling her logic for now.

Mack's march to Ulm was therefore a necessity of the situation, and his continuance in this exposed position, if foolhardy against such an adversary, was at any rate the outcome of the high resolve that even if beaten he would inflict crippling losses upon the enemy.

If so, he might have the key to crippling the cancer afflicting his operations.

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The human emotions were crippling the cold logic that brought her to this point.

Or crippling of many of the French vineyards during the phylloxera period.

If his touch was hard to resist last night, it was crippling today.

Memories bombarded him, almost crippling him.

But the scattered heterogeneity of his possessions, the frequent crippling of his authority by national privileges or by political discords and religious quarrels, his perpetual straits for money, and his cautious calculating character, almost outweighed the advantages which he possessed in the terrible Spanish infantry, the wealthy commerce of the Netherlands, and the inexhaustible mines of the New World.

He closed his eyes to the darkness, struggling against his crippling terror.

She doubled over, pain from Czerno's attacks crippling her.