Sentence Examples with the word CRAVE

Artificial surrogates for human companionship are always vastly inferior to the real thing; we crave connections with people, not machines.

Now, you don't know if the radishes make the people get better or if something that makes people crave radishes also beats back skin cancer.

Much as I crave revenge, I'll turn away and not waste my time assaulting his castle again.

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On the eastern shore of our Lake Erie, Don; but--I crave your courtesy--may be, you shall soon hear further of all that.

When, however, he was again attacked by Charles Martel, the Saracens renewed their ravages, and Odo was defeated near Bordeaux; he was compelled to crave protection from Charles, who took up this struggle and gained his momentous victory at Poitiers in 732.

Governments, thieves, scientist, treasurer hunters, historians, despots of all kinds would crave his skill.

The pope received the appeal, absolved him and restored him to the rank of priest, and sent a bishop and two priests as legates to Africa with instructions to them to hear the cause of Apiarius anew and for execution of their sentence to crave the prefect's aid; moreover, they were to summon the bishop of Sicca to Rome and to excommunicate him, unless he should amend those things which the legates deemed wrong.

When Herodias's brother Agrippa was appointed king by Caligula, she was determined to see her husband attain to an equal eminence, and persuaded him, though naturally of a quiet and unambitious temperament, to make the journey to Rome to crave a crown from the emperor.

She was also supposed to have signed a Catholic league, which only existed in devout imaginations, but in February 1560 she sent the bishop of Dunblane to crave a large subsidy from the pope.

She surrendered to him last night in a way that made his body crave her, something that never happened with the other girls.