Sentence Examples with the word COWARDICE

The court had indeed acquitted him of personal cowardice or of disaffection, and only condemned him for not having done his utmost.

By its side is a smaller tomb, ascribed to Strongbow's son, whom his father killed for showing cowardice in battle.

The accession of Russia to the anti-Prussian coalition (1756) was made over his head, and the cowardice and incapacity of Bestuzhev's friend, the Russian commander-in-chief, Stephen Apraksin, after the battle of Gross-Jagersdorf (1757), was made the pretext for overthrowing the chancellor.

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Hospitality, generosity, personal bravery were the subjects of praise; meanness and cowardice those of satire.

Zealous defenders credit him with all virtues, and bless him as the instrument divinely ordained to restore the peace of the Church; virulent detractors charge him with ingratitude, cowardice and double-dealing.

He called them cowards, whereas the cowardice was really his own, and he deserted them in their utmost need.

The accounts of early writers as to its courage, nobility and magnanimity have led to a reaction, causing some modern authors to accuse it of cowardice and meanness.

The story is full of picturesque detail and stirring incident, full also of interesting problems in folk-lore and mythology; and throughout it is dominated by the figure of the grim Hagen, who, twitted with cowardice and his advice spurned, is determined that there shall be no turning back and that they shall go through with it to the bitter end.

Philip took advantage of this hatred of the lower classes and the cowardice of, his creature, Pope Clement V., to satisfy his desire for money.

The cowardice of this hyena is proverbial; despite its powerful teeth, it rarely attempts to defend itself.