Sentence Examples with the word COUSIN

Learning that his cousin Sturla in Iceland had fallen in battle against Gissur, Snorri's son-in-law, Snorri, although expressly forbidden by his liege lord, returned to Iceland in 1239 and once more took possession of his property.

For Cousin was as eclectic in thought and habit of mind as he was in philosophical principle and system.

My cousin tells me I've lost my way in the lessons of my forefathers.

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The duke of Orleans, a weak and dissolute but ambitious man, had conceived the hope of supplanting his cousin on the throne.

In 1322, freed from his first marriage, Charles married his cousin Mary of Luxemburg, daughter of the emperor Henry VII., and upon her death, two years later, Jeanne, daughter of Louis, count of Evreux.

A third cousin succeeded him in 1815, Bernard Edward Howard, who, although a Roman Catholic, was enabled, by the act of 1824, to act as earl marshal.

George Louis married his cousin Sophia Dorothea, the only child of George William of LUneburg-Celle; and on his uncle's death in 1705 he united this duchy, together with Saxe-Lauenburg, with his paternal inheritance of Calenberg or Hanover.

The account of the manner in which the Buddha is said to have overcome the wicked devices of this apostate cousin and his parricide protector is quite legendary; but the general fact of Ajatasattu's opposition to the new sect and of his subsequent conversion may be accepted.

His mother, Marthe Marguerite le Valois de Vilette de Murray, comtesse de Caylus (1673-1729), was a cousin of Mme de Maintenon, who brought her up like her own daughter.

This is my son and the cousin of the dhjan, Leyon.