Sentence Examples with the word COURTESY

The chivalrous courtesy which he showed to the captive princesses was a favourite theme for later rhetoricians.

In this one matter, Ahab seemed no exception to most American whale captains, who, as a set, rather incline to the opinion that by rights the ship's cabin belongs to them; and that it is by courtesy alone that anybody else is, at any time, permitted there.

The thought of their gentle courtesy and genuine kindness brings a warm glow of joy and gratitude to my heart.

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She was still by courtesy given the precedence, but that was all; the council in Trullo (692) even claimed to impose reforms on her.

His gentle courtesy and quaint speech won my heart.

Whether in real courtesy of heart they excel Occidentals may be open to doubt, but in all the forms of comity they are unrivalled.

The rights of dower and courtesy have been abolished, and husband and wife have instead equal rights to inherit property from the other; but the portion of the property of a deceased spouse that descends to the survivor varies from one-fourth to all according to whose and how many are the children concerned.

Adams treated the Cherokees with the courtesy due to a sovereign nation, and held that the United States had done all that was required to meet the obligation assumed in 1802.

His abilities, his courtesy and his upright character made him a universal favourite.

Paris and London having assured Washington that neither concealment nor lack of courtesy was intended, Belgrade found it quite safe to reject the note of Jan.