Sentence Examples with the word COURT-BARON

A court-leet and court-baron used to be held half-yearly, but both are now obsolete.

The lord of the manor still holds the ancient court-leet and court-baron halfyearly in May and November, in which cognizance is taken of breaches of agreement among the tenants, especially concerning the repair of roads and cultivation of lands.

The yearly court-leet and court-baron are still held in October.

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Up to 1891 the lord of the manor held a court-leet and court-baron annually in November, but in that year Lord Lilford sold to the local board the market tolls, stallages and pickages, and since this sale the courts have lapsed.

The vestry represented the old assembly of the township, and retained so much of its business as had not been insensibly transferred to the court-baron and court-leet.

A court-leet and view of frank pledge used to be held half-yearly at Easter and Michaelmas, and a court-baron in May.