Sentence Examples with the word COURT OF EXCHEQUER

C. 56) provision is made for bringing before the court of session persons and proceedings before inferior courts and public officers - which is analogous to the powers to issue habeas corpus in such cases out of the English court of exchequer (now the revenue side of the king's bench division).

This way was the parent of the court of exchequer (curia regis ad scaccarium).

Besides the ministry which had come with the regent, Reorgan- the council of state, and the departments of the four ization on ministries of home, finances, war and marine then Portu- existing, there were created in the course of one year a supreme court of justice, a board of patronage and administration of the property of the church and military orders, an inferior court of appeal, the court of exchequer and royal treasury, the royal mint, bank of Brazil, royal printing-office, powder-mills on a large scale, and a supreme military court.