Sentence Examples with the word COUNTS

No on both counts but he's been a person of interest in the past, because of his associates.

The country was ruled by Gerold, a brother-in-law of Charlemagne, till his death in a battle with the Avars in 799, when its administration was entrusted to Frankish counts and assimilated with that of the rest of the Carolingian empire, while its condition was improved by the measures taken by Charlemagne for the intellectual progress and material welfare of his realm.

The fief passed later into the possession of the counts of Berg.

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Its holders, towards the end of the 12th century, were despoiled of the temporal power in the town by the counts of Toulouse.

The town was the seat of the counts of Cleves as early as the 11th century, but it did not receive municipal rights until 1242.

The English cotton yarn and spun silk counts are reckoned upon the number of hanks of 840 yds.

The picturesque Old Palace (Alte Residenz) was built in 1591 on the site of an old residence of the counts of Babenberg.

The faction of the counts of Tusculum raised its head from time to time in the Eternal City, and Rome still claimed to be a commonwealth.

Gallo-Roman remains have been discovered in the vicinity of Belfort, but the place is first heard of in the early part of the 13th century, when it was in the possession of the counts of Montbeliard.

In the time of the counts the wealth of Gouda was mainly derived from brewing and cloth-weaving; but at a later date the making of clay tobacco pipes became the staple trade, and, although this industry has somewhat declined, the churchwarden pipes of Gouda are still well known and largely manufactured.