Sentence Examples with the word COPULA

The meaning of the copula and the relation of thoughts to the objects of which they are the thoughts are as much involved as the nature of being.

It may be added that they do not quite realize what the copula exactly signifies: it does not signify existence, but it does signify a fact, namely, that something is (or is not) determined, either absolutely in a categorical judgment, or conditionally in a conditional judgment.

Thus, the courts recognize marriages by verba de praesenti or by verba de futuro cum copula - in this last matter following a decree of Gregory IX.

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Such speculative views are associated with the revival of another traditional piece of mysticism - the Holy Spirit the Copula or bond of union in the Godhead.

Thirdly we have the limiting cases of this in the inductive syllogism 5ui 7riu'mw, 7 a syllogism in the third figure concluding universally, and yet valid because the copula expresses equivalence, and in analogy 8 in which, it has been well said, instances are weighed and not counted.

The motile copula or ookinete formed in the gnat gives T.