Sentence Examples with the word COP

The beat cop pointed to the rear room where they found Ralph hanging from a ceiling water pipe by a thin nylon cord, slowly turning until the twist of the line tightened and reversed his direction.

There's nothing I hate more than a cop who thinks he can make his own rules, Dean.

I bet you've seen stuff like that back East, seeing as you were a big city cop and all.

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Just then, the man waved the cop away and began moving toward the pair, but not before giving a nod to second man Dean hadn't noticed.

Then she got a phone call from some Boston cop saying some apparently blind burglar thought her apartment was a rich gal's pad and trashed it.

The entire city was deep in slumber with the exception of a crazy ex-running back and an exhausted cop intent on killing him.

It was four-thirty, and she'd never seen a cop along this stretch leading up to the nearest metro station.

You know, like, you can't have a cop station in a nice side of town.

I was a cop for a lot of years.

Hemp yarns are also used in certain classes of carpets, for special bags for use in cop dyeing and for similar special purposes, but for the ordinary bagging and sacking the employment of hemp yarns has been almost entirely supplanted by yarns made from the jute fibre.